Teen Driving Solutions

Teen Driving Solutions School is a non profit organization dedicated to eradicating teen fatalities from automobile accidents. These fatalities are the number one cause of death for 16-21 year olds in the United States.
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We are very proud to be their partners in this endeavor. They hold dear the belief that: “Life Matters” And we couldn’t agree more.

Every 16 minutes another teen is injured or killed in an automobile accident. More than 80% of these accidents are PREVENTABLE!

Every year they hold courses at Virginia International Raceway. They spend a weekend instructing teens behind the wheel and in the classroom, teaching them crucial skills and giving them the experience they need to be able to save themselves out there on the road. By teaching them what an accident feels like in a safe, controlled environment, they are much better prepared for the fast and intense situations that can arise when accidents occur, and they will be far more adept at handling the car and getting away safely.

Please visit their page and take the time to donate to this fantastic organization.

“Arrive alive every time you drive.” because “Life Matters.”

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